About HTA

Our Mission

• HTA is a team of health professionals who wake up every morning to inspire and develop the freedoms, value and movement of being.
• HTA Empowers and contributes to the health of Australian communities by delivering evidence-based health education and programs.
• Our customers have successful outcomes when challenged by injury, disease, illness and dissatisfaction. Their achievements inspire their families and communities to greater freedom, health and happiness.
• Our Team loves sharing the ‘wins,’ freedom and life milestones our customers achieve.

Our Culture

• We trust, treat and respect the culture of the HTA family as if it was our own.
• We give our customers and communities the best and most consistent experience every time.
• We are proud of who we are and respect the background, culture and barriers faced by our customers. We live life to our full potential – we have fun and laugh.
• We consistently realign our mindset on the magnitude of impact our team and customers have on the world of others – we think abundantly.
• We inspire and develop the freedoms, value and movement of our customers so they have a greater independence, quality of life and contribution to the community in which they live.

Our Objectives

• Inspire – Improve physical, mental and social wellbeing by increasing the number of people participating in physical activity and positive lifestyle modification.
• Contribute – To the prevention and treatment of chronic disease by implementing targeted physical activity and lifestyle solutions and initiatives.
• Accessibility – Create opportunities for all to participate with others through the design and delivery of tailored programs and services.
• Empowerment – Develop our customers & communities and those around them to be healthy, happy, capable and inspired.
• Empathetic – We understand the biology of change and decision making in our customers. The products and services our patients receive are rationalised, individualised, evidence based and portrayed in the outcomes our customers achieve.
• Community/environment – Our customers feel right and comfortable when they walk through the door of a HTA location and use words such as ‘I love coming here.’
• Build – strong and sustainable relationships between individuals, communities and the national health message.
• Benchmark – Be the partner of choice for like-minded organisations with a collaborative goal of inspiring people and communities to live healthier and happier lives.